Thank you!

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The 4th European Regional IRPA Congress is over.

It is not for the Congress President to judge the success of the conference, this is up to the participants. But it is my pleasure to thank all those who contributed during the preparation of the congress and its realization:

  •  636 registered scientists and professionals from 48 countries participated in sessions and discussions
  • 244 (main) authors presented their messages by posters and 104 by oral presentations
  • 56 chairpersons directed 40 plenary and parallel sessions
  • 31 speakers followed our invitation to give their views mainly during 7 plenary sessions
  • 26 companies and organizations showed their latest technical developments, and
  • 12 lecturers offered refresher courses in the early mornings.

Further, 47 quilt artists from 12 countries gave an “impressive view on the variety of associations and interpretations connected to the topics of the congress in the minds of non-professionals, ranging from the beauties to the perils of radiation” (from Rolf Michel in his final summary presentation); 11 of them prepared and attended the exhibition on site.

Special thanks go to the heads and members of the teams and committees who prepared the conference. This explicitly includes SympOrg, our local organizer in Geneva.

The majority of the presentations will be available in the internet (as soon as we have the agreements of the authors); a selection of about 60 papers will be reviewed and published in Radiation Protection Dosimetry in 2015.

Thanks again for coming, participating and contributing.

Klaus Henrichs
Congress President


* * *